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HED /Achondrite Meteorite???

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I posted earlier with a heavy rock found in bottom of strange hole....consensus was a basalt boulder. I also picked up this rock for its unusual shape and features that looked like a meteorite due to trailing/leading edge feature. I cleaned it up and noticed quite a bit of what appears to be flow lines. These lines are very faint and camera does not pick up well.

2.7-2.8 density. No attraction to magnet. Found in Southeast Wisconsin so fusion crust may be gone and darkening being secondary....OR weathering of terrestrial rock :-(

The shape, flow lines and trailing /leading edge have me dreaming.

Pic 1,2,3 = overall views
Pic 4 = close up of fusion crust remnants (same area as Pic 11)
Pic 5 = trailing edge
Pic 6 = leading tip with flow lines
Pic 7 = trailing edge with flow lines
Pic 8 = Close up of matrix
Pic 9 = Chipped piece
Pic 10 = Side showing rolled edge
Pic 11 = Fusion crust remnants (see Pic 1)












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Thanks Regmaglitch....helpful to know reason and not just a comment. I am of the understanding that fusion crust does not last long in the great white north, so hunting is tough. I was looking more at the unusual shape and how it does look like a oriented meteorite (from a novice view). Also, the textural differences on the surfaces, which does not show on camera are very similar to splashing and flow lines. I have read that Martian meteorites look very similar to terrestrial rocks and despite the odds, I thought I would toss this one out there for comment.

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metwerks, do you own any meteorites ??
Like even a common one like a Gold Basin ??
If you don't own any I would suggest you pick up a small piece and file or grind off an area to be able to view the inside.
Then you have at least something to do a bit of comparision to when you bring home "maybes"
A 10 power loupe also.
Have fun an hapy huntn.

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metworks, I apologize for my flip comments...however some diagnostic work and research would benefit your efforts. Also, except for most chrondrites that have a window exposed or a very fresh fall, pictures are not much help. Your odds of finding a planetary meteorite are beyond slim.

Of course, there is always hope so keep looking, I do.


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