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Scattered Nevada Gold with the GPZ and SDC

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Just got back yesterday from a three day trip out to Northern Nevada. warm, but not too bad the first 2 days (around 90) but warming up into the mid 90s yesterday and supposed to be above 100 for the next few days.

No gold at all the last day, but had good luck the first two. I got 13 nuggets for a total of 10.9 grams, or just a bit more than 7 pennyweight. No serious patches, sometimes it just seems like the gold has been scattered here and there. The largest looks water worn, but the rest are jagged and have not traveled far.

The GPZ and SDC both worked fine. I used the SDC in a trashy area where I was able to pinpoint and remove a zillion little pieces of steel window screen that had been blown around by the wind. For me, its just faster to pinpoint the little trash and remove it with the SDC, and in the lass trashy areas where the depth and greater coverage was helpful, I used the GPZ.


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Great group of nuggets Chris ... BTW ... Didn't anyone send you the memo that nuggets must take a siesta as well as turn off their detector force field making them undetectable once the heat gets to the mid 90's! They have been ordered to do so by the golden goddess of the kingdom of nuggetdom ... those that do not conform to taking a siesta will be destined to go deeper into the ground and banished from ever seeing the light of day thus further preventing a metal detector from seeing them! Just thought you should know since you found no nuggets on the warmer third day! :old:

Mike F

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You may be right Mike but Personally I think the gold gods have been shinning down on him? AzNuggetBob

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