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Found at bottom of unusual hole

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Came upon a rather large 12ft Dia x 3ft deep hole in the middle of a state park/forest in SE Wisconsin ....no other holes anywhere around. Could be a sink hole or some human making from long-long ago but thinking about possible impact site. I decided to check it out and found a 20lb rock 3.4 density at the bottom. Attracted to a magnet and has what looks like heavily weathered fusion or at least remnants of....curious if this could be fusion crust or just chemical weathering on a terrestrial rock.....I include picture of the hole for what it's worth








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There's some exceptionally hot rocks exactly like that up around Rich Hill ... somewhat magnetic and really makes a detector sing! ... Granite boulders... Cheers, Unc

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Thanks....the 3.4 density did not fit any of rocks on chart except peridotite....what is the black shiny layer on parts of rock? Weathering?

Yup, some kind of weathering no doubt.

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