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New Ft Knox


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If you have gold it may be prudent to hold onto it for a while. TX wants there gold back from the Fed's! My bet is they don't have it.

One Billion dollars worth. http://truthinmedia.com/texas-to-repatriate-1-billion-in-gold-from-federal-reserve-to-new-state-depository/

This could get Interesting. The Feds can't tax you on gold until you cash it into Dollars.

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Yahoo For the GReat REpublic of TExas!


THe WIKI link is a rather long history lesson.

Search Results
  • Texas State Historical Association
    REPUBLIC OF TEXAS. In the fall of 1835 many Texans, both Anglo-American colonists and Tejanos, concluded that liberalism and republicanism in Mexico, ...


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Royalties are collected on mineral production but they don't call it a tax but just ask any large producers. Heaven forbid anyone makes any money. Just like the insipid taxes on claims, a Usury tax on rights to mine sic sic sic GO Tejas hope you get it all back-John

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