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No gold this time.

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My friend, my boys, and I got out today. Went back to the speci spot to try find another chunky quartz and gold rock. As usual my boy takes off to the chinese coin area and my friend and I hammered the speci spot with no luck. So he took off down the draw to look for greener pasture. About an hour later he came back and dropped a gorgeous large chinese coin in my hand. Then I see my boy coming across the brush. I figured it was time for him to eat but nope. ANOTHER Barber dime. This one from 1892. This one isn't as pretty as the last one but still in great condition. I on the other hand got the BIG SKUNK smell today. My little guy found an old copper washer he swears up and down is a Chinese coin. All and all a great day. Hope everyone made it out to do a little something.




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Well thank you AU I appreciate that. Yes they love it alot. I'm going to have to start leaving the older one home every other trip just so I might have a chance to catch up with him lol.

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NIce find! Give your kid a pat on the back for me :)
That's awesome hes out there finding stuff like that.

Hope you guys score a lot more from that area.
Tom H.

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Definitely looking forward to when my kids are old enough to turn loose with a detector!

Awesome family time and memories that will last.... Good Times!

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Thanks homefire. We have used that one and its really informative.

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