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Tools & products of the dig + an Oh Crap

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Finally was able to get up to the cabin for a couple days of 4-wheeling and some beeping. Looked around the draw for a new dig spot as the old digs seems to have petered out.

Got the ML5000 out to give a go and woooeeep coil overload, even in the air, changed coils and same thing, the detector would shut down. Crap!! put it away and got out the GB2 with 6" coil and found a different out cropping of bed rock. Did a little scrape and in the 1st 5 min got a little beeper, picker, ant fart, as it was tiny. More scraping and another one. Was nice and breezy in the draw and the little dink's kept appearing. Was a fun couple of hours and this little spot produced 14 in all for a total weight of 1.2 grams. Going to have to work all the way around the rock out cropping to see what else it will produce and also try and go down hill a little more.






Edited by Allen in MT
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WTG Allen :)
NIce looking bunch of nugs.

GBing is fun!

Hope your 5000 is ok...check the power cords and such.
Tom H.

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Be it ever so humble there is no more reliable detector than the Gold Bug 2 series. Great species for sure. I always carry 2 units for the same reasons as above, ya just never know and too far to go without backup, just like weapons-John

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