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Three golden and a copper

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I know I said I wouldn't be able to go out for a couple of weeks but I was able to get out for a short hunt this morning. I detected a couple of tributaries close to where I have found gold before and after a couple hours I decided to try and find something more productive. I moved onto a more remote club claim and from the first step strated wading through lots of trash but most of it was pretty old. After about a hundred yards I was surprised to dig up two pieces of gold from the same hole. I got more encouraged so I dug through about twenty more pieces of trash and finally got another sweet target. This one took some work to uncover but turned out to be a 2 1/2 gram nugget. I also found the copper nugget amongst the trash but it started to get hot so I called it a day. I also added some eye candy of all the gold I have found with my 5000. Hope you enjoy.




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Really nice work AJ, in this heat. It sure is pretty stuff you got there.

Old Tom

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Those are some hard worked for nugs :)
That's a pile of gold! Jez.............is there any left?
Put that copper nugget in some muriatic acid. You would be surprised how it looks afterwards :)
Give it a good soak in baking soda and water after the acid.

What is that..about 10 oz?

Tom H.

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