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Gold from today

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Newriverblake and I finally made it out today after several weeks of not being able to meet up. We had a plan to detect a couple washes I have been thinking about and first thing in the morning the plan worked out and both of us scored a couple of nuggets. We spent the afternoon a lot closer to the truck and hit a couple roadside patches with the Goldbug. I ended the day with four small nuggets and Blake found a really nice 2 1/4 gram beauty. Today was a good day and we were both present for every nugget dug.




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Can't ask for much more than that! Awesome job guys!!! :thumbsupanim

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I hate you... I hate Blake even more :) In a good way

I got to start wearing 12 pack beer gators :)

Way to go on getting that gold!!!!!

That is one nice hunk of gold!.

GL to you two out there...its getting hot..bring lots of water!

Love the pic of it sitting in the ground waiting for you guys.
Tom H.

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Sunbaker? You weren't too bleary-eyed to see that one! (All this beer talk ...)

Very nice and at a time when others are afraid to go out it is there waiting for you.

Do be careful.

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