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Hello All, i just wanted to say a rather late thank you for the hospitality i was shown by you all at the meet in March, i was actually in Arizona on my own and for my first attempt at nugget hunting when Tempe Dave waved me down and told me about the BBQ at Jack Ass Flats. I spent 4 days in the Arizona hills and i must admit that the first day or so i wondered what the hell i was thinking, an 18 hour drive into something that i was really not prepared for left me with a feeling of just wanting to get back in the car and head home. But then something changed. I'm not sure when 'Gold Fever' hit me but i know it hit me hard and by the end of my time there i really did not want to leave, the charm of Wickenburg, the beauty of the landscape and last but by no means least, the spark i saw in everyones eyes and heard in their voices around the camp at your meeting was enough to fill my drive home with thoughts and plans of how i was going to do it better next time.

So thank you again, this guy from England will be forever grateful and will be back :D

Cheers all,




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Welcome Julian ... as they say 'The fever isn't deadly but there is no cure' ! The only thing any of us can do is 'feed' it with a continuous quest for the elusive yellow metal! Welcome to the asylum!

Mike F

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The fever still burns bright after almost 60 years so you have a lot of fun ahead..Educate and prosper is the key and make sure to have fun in the midst of it all-John

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Welcome to the forum, Julian..

The Wickenburg area is easy to fall in love with -- happened to us too..

You're one up on me tho, since I haven't met any of these good folks

in person yet, at least as far as I know (that rockslide thing was totally accidental..)

Eighteen hour drive..? Is that all..? Gladly trade you.. :D

Enjoy your stay..!


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It was good to meet you at the outing and have a chat.

Welcome aboard and good luck to you

Tom H.

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Welcome to the forum Julian, glad you found some new friends at the outing, best way to get Gold Fever is to get exposed to those that are severely affected with the fever, it is contagious just being around those who have it and it will never leave you especially once you find your own wild gold!!! :4chsmu1:

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Welcome to a unique community, Julian ... Can't remember if we met at the outing or not ....Here on Nuggetshooter we're all pretty much brothers and sisters, so greetings to the klan! ... Cheers, Unc

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