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A few more GPZ 7000 finds

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Have many more, but these are cool...









Still waiting to walk over that first whopper, but will take what the desert gives up till then and almost up in the 2 ounce range already and have only had this thing a few months now!

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I really appreciate your honest accounts of your time with the GPZ7000. It helps to put things in perspective... :brows:

Awesome gold!!! Can't wait to see that whopper!


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I give up....your getting it all! :)
WTG. Nice finds and that one in your other post

was really cool looking.

Tom H.

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Thanks guys and Mike I can't help it and the gold seems to seek my coil now instead of the other way around. :head: I have never experienced a jump in technology like this before, not even when I switch from a GB2 to my first SD2100 PI. We have stumbled into a couple new areas, but the majority is from my same old patches I have been going back to for years. It just baffles me that having hunted some of these areas with several PI detectors and multiple coils over the years that there was as many nuggets of all sizes left jut a bit deeper that my other beepers could hear. Many multi grammers and hoping to get over a deep whopper one of these trips. Chomping at the bit for the new coils rumored to be in the works....

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Glad to hear the GPZ is working for you Bill. I find gold with mine almost every time I turn it on. Great detector and having used it myself early on one I knew would prove itself with time.

Steve Herschbach


Fisher F75 & Gold Bug 2 - Garrett ATX - Makro Racer - Minelab CTX 3030 & GPZ 7000 - Nokta CoRe - White's V3i

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There are getting to be lots of videos showing successful nugget hunting with the 7000.

I find watching DOC, JP and many others making videos of the search and find akin to

being out there... Sometimes I even feel that I'm doing it myself... Bill you have found

some nice gold with your GPZ-7000! There are large lunkers out there waiting for you

as the ones you are finding are just a tease. jim

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