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Goldmaster V/Sat.Anyone know about the 14 inch concentric coil. Worth it,ect...

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There are two versions of this coil: White plastic (concentric) and black plastic (DD). The concentric version has the potential for greater depth were soil conditions permit. But that IS the issue, soil conditions. John Blennert has found lots of AU and meteorites in AZ with the GM3 and 14" concentric coil. It does extremely well in CA soil, more depth and greater ground coverage. Yep, its' well worth the $80.00. HH Jim

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Thanks for your kind words. Some thoughts regarding the use of larger concentric coils are in order. Obviously, always use as much gain (power) as soil conditions permit. REDUCE your sweep speed. Bigger, deeper targets will give a broader, softer signal rather than a shallower target's sharper "zip". Deeper targets produce more of a broad "uuuhhh" signal. If a spot consistently produces that same soft, broad from different directions, investigate further. Yes, larger hot rocks can produce the same type of signal. Bigger coils are better suited for less crowded or brushy locales. Hope this helps; HH Jim

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Yes it has, tremendously.Everyone says or calls the sound a Zip zip.

I have the Complete Unabridged zip zip book.

But my V/sat,only does a very distinct zip zip on small gold,say less than a gram.

Anything bigger,or a piece of lead, or a silver coin,or a copper coin, ect, it gives a uuuuugh, uuuuuuugh, or kinda a grunt.

Sort of like it is saying NNNaaaaaahhhh, nnnaaaaahh. Another member I was hunting with said it sounded like a quaking duck.

I have been trying to find a youtube video about the vsat and how it sounds, but have had no luck.

I will do a video and post it here and on tnet and see what you professionals think.

It is new,hardlt used and came shipped in the original box from the guy i purchased it from.

I have the DD coil on it right now,but the stock one sounds the same.

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