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Too Hot to Go Prospecting?


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If you find that it is too hot to prospect then try reading a few Classic Short Stories!


After you read a few then when you find your gold you will be able to write your story better.

Give a review of the story you have read.

I liked this one so I am posting the site.


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That site looks purt interesting; definitely name-brand writers / authors..

I was just telling the g/f a week or so ago that lately I've been ending up with more month

than relaxing reading material.. She knows I'm a big fan of short stories, yet for whatever

reasons I let my subscriptions to things like Ellery Queen's Mysteries and Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Stories (not exact nomenclature) expire years ago.. Guess I thought I was "too busy" then

with "real world" matters to be wasting time escaping into fiction.. How sad for me.. :cry2:

Recently though... Novels mostly, cos that's what I could easily get my hands on at the

"lending library" in the condo clubhouse wot hosts our weekly (or is it twice weekly) snowbird

poker game.. The most recent collection of shorts I read, even though detective stories,

was out of the ordinary and a real brain-spinner as well.. Titled "The Oxford Book Of English

Detective Stories," it explores the developmental writing style of the detective story as

progressively published by more modern writers based on their year of birth as well -- beginning

in the 1890s (publication year) shortly after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

brought the detective story as we know it into being with "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"

on through current day, which in this case is ©1990..

The read was head-spinning since the stories, having been written by Brits, seemingly sent me

to the dictionary at least once every other paragraph to look up the meanings of already-then

nearly obscure King's English sprinkled throughout the first nine or ten stories.. I was

looking forward to a nice mellow 2nd year trig book after finishing that conglomeration lol, but it

was interesting seeing how the writing style changed over the years..

And the g/f..? She picked up a copy of James Rollins' "The 6th Extinction" at CVS for me

last night.. Looks purdy good..


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Frank, you're tougher than me. I'd rather detect in the winter, if it weren't for the frozen ground...Ha! That heat you guys have down there would kill me.


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Summer time detecting hours in the Arizona desert are from one half hour before sunrise to noon :Just_Cuz_06: ... those caught hunting after noon :nono: will be denied water and other sustenance and shall be allowed to become human prunes and allowed to be eaten by the Javelinas! Those with headlamps or when a full moon is available may do so earlier ... however ... the noon stop time is still enforceable! :inocent::old:

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Been 105-111 here in Redding Ca., cooled to 85 at my house at 5 am YUCK. In the creek it is, albeit what's left is pathetic ,lowest in 22 years for god's sake. Stay cool and hydrated ....John

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