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A bit of GPZ and SDC gold from Northern Nevada

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Here is a bit of gold I have got on a couple recent trips to the northern Nevada goldfields.The total weight is about ten grams, or roughly 1/3rd of an ounce. The bigger pieces were found with the GPZ, while the smaller stuff, mostly to the right side of the photo, was taken with the SDC - both very definitely have their place for the detecting I do. I've had rain shortened days where I had to sit in my car and wait out a storm, etc. and some partial days that were spent with some time prospecting but some time driving back and forth to the gold fields and returning home. I'd say it represents the equivalent of about 5 full days of prospecting.

I wish I could claim the biggest piece was some faint warble of a signal that I had the talent and skills to hear and identify, but it was a loud booming target less than an inch deep that any metal detector could have heard. When it boomed through my earphones I was sure it was trash, but I dug it and in much of northern Nevada there is not a lot of trash. The second swing of my pick a dirt clod flipped over and the nugget was shining back at me.

Its still out there, it just takes some work, persistence and a bit of luck.


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Luck? We'll have none of that talk here.

Skill is all me need, right? :thumbsupanim

Nice finds. I need to go up and try it again and get off the skunk but my drive is a full day one way. It takes a plan.


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You are correct Chris... Great Post... (My Best to Your Dad! jim

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Great story as it contains the truth of the good,the bad and of coarse the ugly. It don't just rain nuggets down on ya. You earn every crumb and sitting waiting for the rain(what's that) to end is worse than watching paint dry. Nice color fer sure-John

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Excellent poke, Chris .... You're certainly making the most of the double threat detector combo! ... Cheers, Unc

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