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1st Nug"lette" with my new detector

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Yeah boy a MONSTER 3/10ths gram fairly deep in a small side hill drainage.
Northwest Arizona Gold
My 1st nugget with a Nokta Fors Gold detector.
I'm liking this detector so far a 1960D Lincoln and a 3/10ths "nuglette".
And a little green quartz to boot !!!


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Good stuff Frank! Keep on rockin'.... :4chsmu1:

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WTG Frank :)
Nice nug and cool looking quartz.

Good luck to you out there.

Tom H.

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Hey Frank ... Congrats on the first nugget with the ForsGold ... I knew you would like it ... when I tested that machine a few days before you got it it hit heavy on some small targets in my little nugget garden at the house. e That smallest coil especially is very hot. If I didn't already have 6 detectors that one probably wouldn't have made it to you. You will be surprised how small the targets can be and still be detected, I especially liked the handle vibration ... that actually seemed to be a cool idea and it really worked well ... hearing is fading a bit more than I like lately so the vibration alerted me more than the actual sound. Good luck with it. Oh and Teri actually 'lets' you borrow her 3500 ... ! :idunno::inocent::old:

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