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Recon Produces Vortex Stones & Gold


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Recon trips into new areas are always a hit and miss type of mission, and most of the time they are of the miss kind :idunno:

Many miles of remote back country were covered by boulder dash and myself on the lookout for the right kind of wash (containing gold). No more is the type of ground really taken into consideration, and thats the way it has been for some time. Some of the most boring, ugly washes can have gold, so relying on the o`l "this ground looks good" is somewhat disregarded, though noteworthy at the same time.

Boulder dash and I found a little color here and there but the last stop could be the beginning of something really good. This ravine is remote , and apparently has been worked in the past. The extensive handstacks were a good "indicator", maybe one of the best indicators :inocent: for placer gold.


Natural healing vortex stones were in abundance also ....


A nice surprise , was finding a drag stone. Short on time we couldn`t locate the arastra from which it surely came.


We know for sure these old time miners worked this gully for gold and traced the gold to its source. Boulder dash exclaimed that he has seen some amazing fine gold in the wash and I shared that my experience had been the same. To say that we cant wait to drywash this area, look for the lode, and look for a mega patch would be an understatement. The Drywashing Nationals are right around the corner, and we are registered as team six. It should be an interesting competition with people from California to Montana, and Virginia signed up.

Here`s a sample of what came from the new area..


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Nice going guys, not many in that area lately I'll bet.

Old Tom

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Awsome stuff you guys!
Gold and vortex stones :)
Glad you got some new ground to explore.

Those stones would look nice polished up?
Or just carry them around so you don't get hurt :nutty:

Tom H.

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