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Coons at the Lake House

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Got a call from a guy yesterday up at the lake saying they have had some destruction in there yard from raccoons and wanting to know if I was interested in taking care of the problem. They saw three of then the night before.
Knowing there were neighbors in the area I thought of using 22 CB Longs. Went to the range to adjust scope for the CB's and after shooting a few, got to thinking they wouldn't be enough power to dispatch a coon. So I took some CCI velocitors and my 10-22 build. Got there about 7:30, Neighbors weren't home so I looked around so I knew where the other houses were located and not in my line of fire. Was ready by 8:00 and by 9:30 the 1st coon comes in and I put the light on him at about 30 yards. One shot and he does a few flip flops and then down he goes. It was a big female. Saw 2 more but they disappeared into the bush. About 10:30 another one came in along the fence and stopped about 40 yards away on the back side of fence. I could see the wires of the fence and was hoping I wouldn't hit a wire taking the shot. The shot spun him around and I could hear him in the gravel kicking around. Went down to retrieve him and saw him looking at us thru the fence.So had to pop him again. Got up to the fence and he was still alive so had to hit him a 3rd time. Finally got a hold of a leg and took him back to the truck. Threw him in the back and started closing the tail gate and his foot was caught on the space between the tail gate and box. Pinched his leg good because he come alive again. Had to get a hammer to end it, tough little bugger. big male. Didn't see the last one so called it a night at 11:30. The guy was pleased that I got 2 after about 4 hours and wanted to know what he owed me. Told him I don't set prices, just some for gas money and what ever he thought it was worth. He went into the house and came out with a folded check in his hand. Handed it to me and I out it in my pocket. He thanked me and said he would call again if there was more problems.
Got home at midnight and looked at the check. It was $200.00.
32 miles round trip, 4 hours setting and 4 22 shells, not a bad night.


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I have trapped them in a live cage( set up in a large trash container). When full, another trashcan caps it all( the cage is longer than a trashcan) and a spray can of starting fluid-ether- administers the blow( squirter "straw" stuck between the two cans tied together by the handles). PLease do not copy me- ether can kill you. I held my breath, then got the heck out of there.

Coons get very big( and strong!) in suburbia with all the cat and dog food laying about. I've had escapes and broken traps( cheaper HB Freight traps).

Once had a trap making noise. I looked out to see one inside and FIVE out.. I think a family pack.

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