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Machine gun loading instructions?

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Hey all:
No detecting today, Took the dirt bike out to work on my lack of riding skills

After about a hour and a half I realized that my legs have the strength of a newborn :(

But, I was out looking at washes and did find some juicy ground to detect later.

On the hill I found this tag. Its made out of aluminum.

To me it looks like the loading instructions for the ammo belt to a machine gun?
What do you guys think?
Tom H.


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Yup....looks like the intructions for loading the belted ammo into the holding canister. Nice find, Tom. Unusual at the least.


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Im thinking that it is from a machine gun that was in the waist or overhead position of a bomber.

Don't think the ground guys had boxes like this one is loaded?

Don't know what the heck it is doing out in the middle of the desert though?????
Tom H.

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Amazing find as I've never seen another found. Seen before at friends house. In days of old on planes everything not used went out the door to fall below,same as trains. That's a cool find-John

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