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Got the skunk, but had a great time

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Made it out to my claim this month twice and Got the skunk, but had a great time.

I've been traveling a lot for work this year and have not been able to get out in about a year now. One of the wholes I dug had been completely filled in by mother nature. It'd been about five feet long, two and a half feet deep, and three feet wide, and not a trace of it. The whole had been to the left of the wall. I noticed flotsam up on top of the rocks meaning at some point the water had been to at least just below the rock level. On a bench is where the tailings pile had been, and Bill had said in one of his lectures that the small dirt in a dry washer pile disappears in about three to five years. This tailings pile was two to three feet tall, but was a foot big when I looked at it today, after about a year.


I did manage to put the cot in the back of the truck to get some sleep. Very peaceful and not a soul around. I'm sure many in the forums have slept the same way.


I also attached one of the old timer claim markers. I did not see papers on this one, but a friend found papers from the World War 2 timeframe from a similar marker not too far awaypost-26611-0-07607900-1432437254_thumb.j

I've really missed the prospecting and should be back to stay in AZ by next year. Hope to find a claim that will have some detectable gold.

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I met the skunk also yesterday but the folks I took out to my claims did get a half dozen nuggets,about 2 dwt or so. My TLST failed to produce but I spent most of the day teaching others.But the minelab 5000 with that big new coiltek rocked on tiny nuggets. GB Pro was the usual pain as once wet their lousy coils die a death of chatter(have 4 coils now same same all) Nokta cors zilch,screen up/down button dead again. Helped a young fella get his very first nugget,a nice 1/4 dwt. and he was absolutely elated. Nice to see your pics ,have to download mine still. Thanx much as nice to see I'm not the only owner of a skunk-one came by this am and house still smells from a real one,I thought it was in my dream from my lousy performance yesterday,but als PU-John

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We had some great monsoons last year. Really moved some dirt.

Well, skunk or not...you were out in the hills :)
Tom H.

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