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Dredging allowed in Calif?

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There are dredgers getting busted daily,losing equipment ,going to jail. Posted names etc ,treasurenet for 1 site,as over 10 siskiyou,3 in Mariposa county,2 in shasta,1 trinity and on and on. Care to lose your equipment and get a $1,000 minimum fine step right up. Counties have been stomped on by State Justice Dept. Head ahole Kristina some squat as she HATES dredging and will NOT allow it in HER state,she rides a broom to work. John

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That's pitiful. I hope it comes back and bites them in the a$$. The people running that state are hung so far to the left that I don't even think the right side of their brain even exists. So irritating knowing someone has complete control over something that ISN'T THEIRS. Ok my political rant is over.

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