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tips for tuning a Tesoro Lobo Supertrac

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I know that this topic has been discussed before, but I cant find it, so I would like to ask again. I know that there is a way to use the LST to find concentrations of black sand..the detector will hum over the top of a black sand concentration. Can anyone tell me how the detector should be set up for this to happen?

Thanks so much!


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Hey , I noticed that no one has spoke up .....I dont know the LST but I would venture to guess bumping up the sensitivity may work, and dont balance the machine. To be honest, it just sounds like something that wont work very well or benefit the prospector. You can just follow the heavies with your eyes, and it will be much more accurate.

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Thanks Guys. I printed out an article back in 2009 that talked about this, and I even used it that winter to find a heavy concentration of black sand in the inside bend of a drywash that had a good amount of fine gold in it...at least 15-20 colors to the pan when I panned out several samples. So I know that it is possible. I'm gonna be doing a little prospecting this weekend (The Lord willing, and the creek don't rise) and thought I might try out the technique here in Alabama...

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