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Arizona Gun Purchase

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We are thinking about getting a handgun. Maybe we would buy it in Arizona and do a little shooting there.

What are the laws about bringing it back to California?

I have a 22 rifle from the 50s. I'd take it out for a little shooting practice also. Can I buy shorts and longs at the Walmarts?

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Here in the land of insanity you must now have a hangun permit and license to buy a handgun and NOW a friggn' long gun test/permit/license/bs to buy a friggn' rifle too. Or :4chsmu1: John

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To the best of my knowledge no out of state purchases for handguns in any state. I believe that is federal law. Also be very careful if you can find someone in AZ to buy a gun from a licensed dealer and then sell it to you ... 'gifting' has to be declared at time of purchase and that is a royal pain. Perhaps buying a handgun is a bit easier at a gun show ... haven't tried that in a long time ... at least not while out of my residence state.

Mike F

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Over the years I've purchased guns from all over the country. Even from people who live in the communist states of CA, NY, and IL. Most all my purchases were internet based transactions from both private party individuals and dealers. If I bought from a dealer he shipped to my FFL. If I bought from a private party, he took the gun to his local FFL, and then that FFL shipped to my FFL. It's a very easy and painless process.

As long as you're not a prohibited possessor in CA, and can legally own a firearm, you can pretty much buy a gun anywhere you darn well please as long as you go through an FFL. This applies to private party face to face transactions also. Since you guys are under communist rule, you're required to register all firearm purchases (sans relics) regardless of whether you buy from a private party, or a dealer in-state or out of state.

Just an FYI... there are many dealers and private parties who refuse to sell to anybody residing in CA. Not that they legally can't, but mostly just because of the principle they think CA sucks for not supporting the 2nd Amendment. Good luck.

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Not all guns owned in California are required to be registered. Please get your facts straight. Many years ago I lived in Nevada and purchased some legal weapons while a resident there. I then moved back to CA. I asked my local FFL if the law required me to register them and the resounding answer was absolutly NOT ! (confirmed this with another FFL) However, I am required to go through an FFL if I ever want to sell them.

It offends me to always hear that CA is a commy state when in fact the majority of California counties are very conservative. The cesspool areas of the Gay Bay and LA that have the most people & get most all the representation... Sometime out there in the future I hope to be a resident of the Great State of Jefferson and not even have move away from the best weather, best gold producing areas and absolutly the best climate and geography in the lowwer 48. . That same scenario goes for New York.... get away form the population cesspools and guess what....same crap.

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It offends me to always hear that CA is a commy state when in fact the majority of California counties are very conservative.

Steve... you know dam good and well what I mean when I say Commifornia. Nothing to do with your neck of the woods. As I stated previously, you guys need to divorce yourselves (secede) from the a$$holes that are causing the rest of the good people of California so much grief. :old:

Regarding your gun registration laws... If I move to CA from AZ with my guns in tow, by law I have to register them. You were grandfathered in.

(a) Within 60 days of bringing a handgun, and commencing

January 1, 2014, any firearm, into this state, a personal firearm

importer shall do one of the following:

(1) Forward by prepaid mail or deliver in person to the

Department of Justice, a report prescribed by the department

including information concerning that individual and a

description of the firearm in question.

(2) Sell or transfer the firearm in accordance with the

provisions of Section 27545 or in accordance with the provisions

of an exemption from Section 27545.

(3) Sell or transfer the firearm to a dealer licensed pursuant

to Sections 26700 to 26915, inclusive.

(4) Sell or transfer the firearm to a sheriff or police


As you well know, any purchase of a firearm (sans your relics) by a resident of CA (whether purchased in state or out of state) requires registration.

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Guys ... Remember that I was talking handguns in my post. As an example I tried to buy another Sig 229 9mm semi-auto pistol last year while in NH from Sig Arms factory store in Epping NH. I have purchased from there before while a resident of NH and one of the guys on duty recognized me as well. They couldn't sell it to me as I am now a resident of AZ. Now that is one very conservative state in NH ... Live Free or Die ... but I couldn't buy a handgun. I could and did buy a long gun while there.


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