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Maps to Lynx creek campout


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Here are some maps with claims outlined in yellow for anyone that may want to show up on the 29-31st of this month.

Dad and I will be camped down Bannie mine road.

It is 5 miles south on the Lynx Lake turn off...(walker road) It has a street sign.

We will try and get to the other side of the creek as the first camp spot usually gets noisy.

We have a 25 ft class c RV and a green 87 Toyota 4runner.

I will put a red flag on the antenna of the RV so you know its ours.

There were some questions about the mineral withdrawl area.

It pretty much runs from Lynx lake south to Walker.

You cant use any mechanized equipment but detectors are fine.

Ive never been stopped or asked about detecting above the high water mark.

There are rangers that patrol the roads and ive had a good time talking to them.

Im probably going to concentrate more on the west side of walker road or detect around Vault road which is more south of Bannie mine road.

Hope some of you all can make it.

Tom H.



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I'll be there. Looking forward to it!

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Tom.... I have a question if you don't mind: I've been to Bannie Mine Rd quite a few times turning left off walker rd and going down that long hill to the creek.

You bring your 25' Camper down that hill with no problem?_____

I have a 17' travel trailer and pull it with a Dodge Ram 4x4 and have always been uncertain to bring it down that hill to the creek.....I've only seen tents and pickup slide in campers down there.

Are those yellow squares GPAA Claims?_____

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Yes,the RV goes down and back up nicely. You can get down that road easily. Its a gradual climb in and out.

Don't sweat it. Especially if you have a 4x4 pulling the trailer. I've seen long trailers with quads and such in there.

The yellow squares are just claims that people have. Probably not GPAA. Probably not even legal if they are in the mineral withdraw area.

There is lots of open ground to go on.

Hope to see you there.

Tom H.

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Tom, Nothing is certain yet, but I am considering staying a night if there is room for my little trailer. I'm heading north that weekend anyway. Sounds like a good excuse to hang out with friends before heading to the long road.

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Thanks Tom,

I marked this on my calender and am going to try and be there. I will have a Tan Dodge Ram towing a Casita TT (looks like an egg :)

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I have a question:

If ya turn S on Walker while Lynx Lake is still further ESE, how can

the mineral withdrawal area be from Lynx Lake south to Walker..? :89:

Just, ya know, wonderin', is all -- seein' as how I was

never very good at new math, geography n map readin'..

j/k -- I'm sure everyone knows what you meant. :rolleyes::25r30wi:

SA .

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Walker road runs past lynx lake and continues south to Walker.
Tom H.

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Oh, ok -- which means I'm guessing Walker is a tiny town that doesn't show up

on/in today's modern "we can leave this town out cos nobody knows or cares about it anymore" Atlas'..

Got it..!



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Walker.... Been there many times. Would love to live there year round.

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