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Got a some new pals


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My Dad thought I needed a new pal so look what I got....Black one is Maltese and Chi and the silver one is Yorkie and chi mix.....they are little but full of energy.


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Very cool ....What a thoughtful gift from your dad ... We swore after the mojave killed our little border collie we'd never get another, but a visit to the shelter changed that when Shadow Patch stuck his paw out of the cage as if to stop us on the trail past the dog cages ... He's been a godsend! Congrats on your new buddies! Cheers, Unc



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I wastold that they are about 3 months old.....sure are a riot to watch chase and play.

They was a kind of rescue , the people that had them was told NO PETS . so they got kept in a cage and did not get to go out and play...Don't think they know what outside is....yet , but they will.

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You got some cuties there bud, try not to spoil them too much.

Old Tom

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