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Franconia on Friday

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I had a good trip to Franconia on Friday.

In addition to these pictures Lu found 6 irons with the GB Pro which is more than I have found with it.

The large meteorite is 114.4 g, the smaller one is 46.7 g. The largest iron is .8 grams and the total weight is 4.1 grams.









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Aloha, Glad to see that Franconia is still giving up meteorites and irons. Aloha and stay safe out there. Stan aka Ka'imi

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Franconia is located in Mohave COunty AZ?

I may try detecting for meteorites.

Franconia is 14 miles inside of Arizona from California off Interstate 40. There are many YouTubes about it.

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Thanks for the link Mike. I was hoping they would take notice. I want their find of the month.

Fred, yes Lu did good when she saw how I was hunting with the 7000. Anyone who imitates the action I think will detect better with their own detector.

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I got the Minelab 'Find of the Month' today. They are going to give me some goodies sent from Ireland and a $250 purchase voucher!

All of this and I didn't have to sell the meteorites.

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