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Tough weekend.......


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A while back , I was able to persuade boulder dash to come prospect the southern Sonoran region. The area has tall grasses, cacti, and some gold for those willing to put in the effort. The plan was to drywash & detect , however with limited time, we didnt run the overburden , and only followed the heavies with the vacuum. Basically, we were just going after the pay on this trip.

We wound up vacuuming over 100ft ( no exaggerating) after placering out the somewhat shallow overburden. We did beep the throw-out as we went, hoping for a missed piece or two , and a few were found, but just a few.

Here are some shots of just a couple areas worked or otherwise, and about 6 grams of the chunky gold....The fines from drywashing equaled about 3 grams from 42 buckets ran through the 140, plus some pickers that are shown.







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Jez...the two legged gophers were at it again :yesss:
With some nice gold to top it off :ROFL:

WTG you guys :)
Tom H.

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Way to go, nice gold.... Hey you missed a spot, there is some good gold under those rock piles ... :brows:

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I love reading your reports. I learn a little something every time.

That's a lot of hard work there, but at least you don't come up empty handed....

Awesome Gold! Good job guys!!

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That's one heckuva vacuum hose ya have in that 1st pic.. :rolleyes:

Nice haul of "effort = some gold," gents..!


Thats a dry bucket drege, it works better with pickle buckets though...


Do you guys pour your buckets into the drywasher or make a dirt pile and shovel it in?

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