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Quartz blows, quartz float, quartz veins, nearly all areas here have quartz mixed with gravel and other minerals where gold is present.

Around two hundred years ago when the Portuguese brought slaves into Brazil they found visible quartz vein loaded with gold. All they had to do was dig out the vein until it was gone. Many times the vein was only one to two feet deep and less than two feet wide.

Other veins of quartz carrying gold was a couple of yards wide and 50' deep that went into and sometimes through a mountain. I've beeped several of these after I burned out the snakes but only found one quartz and gold nugget that was discarded with the tails.

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Haven't had much luck around ' bull quartz' what I call it, pure white quartz. I get more interested the dirtier the quartz is; rusty ol crappy ugly quartz, I like

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I have a few patches that have tiny quartz stringers in iron schist associated with iron pyrite ... Always seems to be quartz nearby even when the gold occurs in the schist without quartz directly involved .... When I'm prospecting I look for four main indicators: schist, quartz, greenstone and ironstone ... Like the old timers said (crap, I guess I'm one of them now!) the more colors in the mineralization, the more favorable for gold! .... Cheers, Unc

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So what y'all are sayin' is I shouldn't bother diggin'

out all those bull quartz stringers over to the Leviathan then..?? :rolleyes:

( One time I paid a visit to that face for about an hour or so

with an MD 20 and all I got was lonely.. )


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