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My new to me DREDGE!

El Dorado

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Deals all over as the game plays on. Looks like a virgin ready to be used and abused. Black ops rock-suggestion-Get a low tone,or better yet the super low tone muffler and silence (depending on conditions)within 50-60'- Silence is indeed GOLDEN in this anal state-John

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Back pressure from being submerged shortens the engine life and once exhaust(carbon monoxide) is cooled it does NOT rise as from a muffler with a vertical baffle as the heat rises. It just lays there and chokes you unless a stiff breeze to blow away,dangerous to say the least.John

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yeah Hoser, you are so right. Exhaust is one thing that is very important to have above the surface and directed away from the dredge.

I can still remember vividly how bad the effects of breathing exhaust fumes while underwater dredging can be.

Very dangerous.

Still days with little or no wind, where the exhaust does not blow away, are particularly hazardous.

Even more dangerous with engines that burn a combo of oil and gas.

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