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Buck Mountains

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Last month, I went on a nugget hunting trip to Buck Mountains, southwest of Kingman. Specifically, I chose the SE flank of the mountains, T15N, R18W, Sec 1. I selected this site because the online, BLM LR2000 system shows section 12, the neighboring section to the south, to be completely claimed in its entirety by the “Deep Canyon” series of unpatented placer claims. I figured that maybe some of that gold in 12 could have spilled over into 1.

I found nothing but an unending supply of spent military ordinance, e.g. 50 and 30 cal. bullets and tiny shrapnel shards. It was nearly impossible to move my detector search plate without getting another hit signal. However, I beep’d no shell casings, so section 1 was clearly on the receiving end, not the sending end, of a lot of live fire at some point in time.

I’ve attached a couple of photos I took while there.

Can you Arizona guys set me straight on Buck Mountains? Has anyone had better results around there than what I experienced?




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That area used to be a gunnery range for training for WWII......lots of 50 and 30 cal brass even a few live 50's to be found.

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Thanks for your help.



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