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While You Were Sleeping I Found This Moonshiner!

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Early this morning while the waves were high, the tide was low and the moon was full I was out prospecting the beach. It was a good night and morning. I got over $15 in change and a few other goodies. (Lu got her share as well.)

You've heard of sunbakers? I've found a good sunbaker nugget. (3.5/1.5 Q/G) and many sunbaker coins. Last night I got a moonshiner ring!

This pretty ring is 14k/7.5dwt with 3 puma type cats on it. I was using my 3030 about 3 AM or so and heard a target (I heard hundreds of them last night) and when I looked down my light hit the ring. The beach was right, the numbers were right and when I reached down to pick it up without digging ... the WEIGHT was right.

It is good to be right once in a while.



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Sweet finds Mitchel, no need to hit the deserts for gold, when you can get it in your own backyard.


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Well Done! That's quite a haul....

You are top notch detectorist when you can find medical cannabis with a metal detector! :ROFL:

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Thanks for looking. I'll post up my best finds of the month in a couple of weeks.

When you are on the beaches of California these days and nights the strong smell of cannabis is everywhere. You also find the containers (I want this one for a nugget keeper).

I'm mostly interested in the jewelry finds any more but you have to dig 'almost everything' to make sure. I threw away the wire and other stuff before I took the picture.

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