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Happy birthday to Chris Gholson

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That's what I was thinking too. Here it said the 5th but the other said a different date. Haha oh well.

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Well, I'm thinking thinking outa the box; maybe Chris is cagey and seeking

two chocolate birthday cakes? HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS.... jim

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Gosh Mike I wonder if Chris is trying to catch up? Naw, I doubt it.

However would Not trade off any of my 85 and looking to add more...

This may sound like fuzzy thinking but it has taken me a lot'ta

time (birthdays) to get where I am; and I surly do not want to start

over... but one thing for sure (20/20 hindsight) I would have taken

better care of my self and would'a drank my milk and ate my

vegetables... tailgate

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Jim ... I am 100% with you there ... but I only have 66 years under my belt so maybe there is time for me to drink the milk and eat more veggies! I know a guy who is 97 the beginning of this month ... he says his claim to fame is the shot of Jack Daniels he has every morning with his oatmeal! Each to his own I guess! Live long and prosper my friend!

Mike F

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