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Tuscarora Nevada

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Ok this district has been mentioned ALOT on the forum over the years. Everything from being an Epithermal deposit to can it be metal detected legally without trespassing onto claims. I personally hunt this area alot. Legally of course. My question is: who on the forum has hunted it with success and what kind of gold did you find? Speci gold or nuggets? I know a guy that found a patch up there that was almost all solid gold nuggets, very little quartz. I on the other hand have found only speci nuggets. Majority quartz with a vein or pocket of gold. Real high electrum content also. I guess I'm just curious as to what kind of gold you guys found that have hunted it.


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Dan... my memory is vague. However about 30(?) years ago I also nugget hunted there

using a Compass-manufactured gold detector. At this time I did not know Tuscarora was

not the original site. It had been moved and there were still several elderly ladies

living there. The postoffice was closed but they still got some mail service and there

were several active outlying ranches and thus they were not isolated... One of the ladies

had a lot of old stuff and called it a museum and infrequently visitors dropped by and

gave some money to look at all of the memorabilia. It was one of the ladies who lived

there most of her life who informed me about the old site. I also was told about the

original discovery of Tuscarora during the 1850's by a group of prospectors and the

tail of a battle with local Indians and a supposed missing small keg of gold that was

assumed to be buried by the prospectors who were killed by the Indians... There was one

survivor who managed to leave before the attack and get help that arrived too late.

Hope this helps....

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Gosh my memory comes and goes. When it comes I have direct knowledge of many events told to

me by old timers who were there and remember it as it happened... One example is about the

flood that wiped out mazuma (sp) in 1910 as the troths at seven-troths failed due to heavy

rain... Also another version about Delamar. This also goes regarding the published versions of

Tonopah and Clifford and the original Stone Cabin and Ryepatch and more...

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Wow thank you Jim. I really like hunting up there. Lots of good things to find.

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