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Old wagon trail

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Found these on a creek side by an old 1800's wagon trail. Private ranch since then and never tilled or anything. All non touched. The owner says the creek was Indian land and about 100 yards from it was the old wagon trail. Tracks are still there.

Anyone know what these are? I have an idea but unsure.


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Creek..? Wagon wheel ruts..?? Virgin ground..??!

All I know is I'd be asking permission if I could camp there

for the next year or thereabouts..

Relic Heaven for sure..!


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I would make an educated guess that what you have are two matching bridle rosettes from a horse bridle. if there is no attachment points on the back then they were probably lead-filled when they were made.

I would definitely hunt that old trail, and follow it until you ran out of permission.



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What time U wanna head west..? :hiker:

Actually, no good for me until after 4June -- my oldest grandchild is graduating

HS that day, which is really amazing, seeing as how I'm only thirty-seven :rolleyes: --> in my really old dreams..

After then, I'm good.. Let's talk..


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On the way back out to hunt it some more. Leaving Florida Saturday with an oversized load so should be back on the land Tuesday or Wednesday.


I meann, not cool about the oversize load, unless you're being well compensated

for the haul, I mean cool about getting back to that spot..

Pls keep us updated with pix & interesting stories, tnx.. :4chsmu1:


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