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Hope to head out first thing tomorrow :thumbsupanim . it's going to be a cold and wet one for us az boys :yesss:. Have to go by myself this time around but :old: C have a good one get with you later


Lon!!!! look me up :)

Hope to meet with ya again.

Who cares if we find anything yellow...its just FUN!

Tom H.

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Hi All. Looking at the first weekend in November for the fall outing and this will give everyone time to plan The dates are Friday the 6th thru Sunday the 8th, 2015 and the outing will be at Gold Basi

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I am going to be bringing some "onyx" that was gathered from the Kingman area. I will set it out who wants some can have some...just been sitting around and am trying to clean up some.

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We'll see-Last year was a Bust-dont feel like driving all that way for one space turd-Ill have all the desert here to myself-Have Fun Im sure Sancho will :4chsmu1: Mike C... :200:


Just come up and have some fun. :)

Tom H.

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We will be leaving here about 10:00 tomorrow morning. Spend the night in Laughlin in one of the casino parking lots. Should be in GB some time around noon on Friday and will be out beeping shortly afterwards. John

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John you have to drive right by my house as you leave Laughlin. When you see the outback station in
Golden Valley I 2 blocks behind it.

I hope to get to GB about noon myself.

Safe trips all.

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