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gold to trash ratio

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Boulder patch strikes again!!! Was able to head out for a 4 hour hunt this weekend. First target I detected had a overloading signal that required some immediate attention. After some extreme digging and scratching in very red hard pack my biggest piece at 1.65 grams saw the light of day. Rechecking my hole and another target is screaming, yup you guessed it another hard pack red nugget. Better check my hole again, sure enough a slight break in the threshold and one more small nugget. Expanding my search area 6 inches in any direction and can't get my detector to balance out . Funny how small nuggets can make the ground seem hot when in reality just more good gold targets. As soon as I had the rest of the targets cleaned up the ground was quiet. That little one foot square area gave 9 gold nuggets. I spent the rest of the time working that red hard pack for only 2 small ones. Zero trash targets and 11 gold targets for 2.95 grams in 4 hours . That is an amazing trash to gold ratio.



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Sounds like you guys are over a sweet spot! :)
Go get it!!!
Nice nugs.
Tom H.

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