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Kids and detectors

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I spent the afternoon with Junior Rockhounds at the Mother Lode Mineral Society in Modesto, Ca. What a kick to spend time with a dozen kids from 8 to 15. We talked about rocks and minerals that are affected or can be detected with a metal detector. Of course had to show some space rocks and gold nuggets. Then we got down to basics with the detectors. We had enough detectors to go around as several have their own detectors and had their own brag bags of goodies. After heavily planting a sawdust play field with coins and costume jewelry they were off on their own, It did not take long before coins and jewelry were found. I had to preside over the adult meeting as I am the chief bottle washer this year and they continued to hunt until they were tired. If you have not tried this with kids you are really missing a fun time. Jerry

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Nothing more important in this whole world than the next generation. I've put on/sponsored many hunts and always a joy...except then I won't get to participate but the joy in kids and adults faces is more than enough reward. Respect for caring -kudos-John

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That is a fact. My 6 year old has a bounty hunter jr and my 12 year old stole my gb2, he also has a whites coin master. They love detecting. My oldest son can sniff out them chinese coins like crazy. He detected his first nugget last year on bedrock and since then he's been hooked. My little guy loves finding anything rusty(if it's rusty it has to come home lol). He found a well used pick head buried and you would have thought it was a gold bar. He was so happy. My 11 year old daughter is starting to get into it also. Her and my wife will take off with the MXT and they bring back piles of stuff. It's a very fun hobby for kids to get into. Surprisingly most kids like it. Good job on setting up a good time.

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