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See what we found in GB yesterday and today

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Well we had a hot but good time. I think I am ground balancing correctly. I will post front and back pics -if anything looks promising please let me know. They all are very magnetic.

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Have you done streak tests on them? ... Some don't look like meteorites, but I certainly could be wrong ... Hope some other folks will step up on this one ... Cheers, Unc

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It looks like a pretty nice collection of Gold Basin hot rocks.
I was lookin at #7 from one side without the caliche coating it looked like a maybe lil piece. But its somewhat tough from pictures.

Its funny I looked at this post an you are from Bonita, we used to live there.

And right now we have some family visiting from there for a few days.
I have some Wrightsons and Weeks with me right now you might know the last names.
Are you from Bonita Springs or Idaho ?? You mentioned Boise

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Will do streak and grind tests when I get home. I am just so hoping for one - even a tiny one.

Trip was a Christmas present from my husband. He had to work. I live in Bonita springs for 15 years, originally from Long Island, NY. My son lives in Boise and he drove me down to hold basin. Nice kid huh! I will post what I find out about the rocks. Thank you everyone.

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