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Birthday gold

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When my wife asked me "What do you want for your birthday?", I said "To go prospecting, of course!"

So I got what I wanted and went out today. Met up with Ahorton10 around my neck of the woods. I took him to the spot I found the two little guys a few weeks ago and I checked around there while Adam went off to another wash. I wasnt having any luck so next I decided to hike up the wash and detect exposed bedrock as I went along. After a number of BB's I snag a nice piece of yellow in some jagged bedrock quite a ways up from the first spot. After some quick checking around I went back down to see how Adam was doing and he wasn't having any luck.

After a short break we hit the next wash over and headed up the foothills. Well, no luck there and now we weren't to far from where I scored one earlier so we headed back over there.

Tryin to get Adam on a nug, I told him to check below where I had found gold and I went up. I was able to pop one more out! :yesss:

The chunky little guys added up to .5 gram for a great birthday present.

We'll get you on one next time Adam! Dont throw in the towel quite yet.


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Great that you're willing to pass it on Shay. I remember your first nug and that s... eatin grin that we couldn't wipe off of your face. It's all about helping, sharing, and comradeship on this forum. Adam will hit one soon, he's a good hunter.

Old Tom

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Cool! Birthday nugs :)
Glad you were able to find them.

Good luck in finding some more :)
Tom H.

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Not gonna happen Shay! Had a great time and glad one of us scored! You're gettin pretty darn good with thay gold bug 2!

Never say that! Its gonna happen :)

Just keep at it.

Tom H.

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