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Tourist finds 'Hallelujah' diamond in Arkansas park

The 3.69-carat Hallelujah Diamond alongside an Arkansas commemorative quarter.


Usually people go to state parks in search of a trail, vista, or barbecue. Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds State Park has a slightly glitzier reputation, and the latest lucky visitor is a woman who says she asked God last Thursday, "Are you going to bless me and let me find a diamond today?" The answer, apparently, was a resounding yes: Not long after, Susie Clark spotted a teardrop-shaped 3.69-carat gem that she's dubbed the Hallelujah Diamond, per a park release.

"The gem is frosted white with a pearlescent, metallic shine," says Park Interpreter Waymon Cox, who adds that the pinto bean-sized diamond is the biggest gem of the 122 found so far this year at the park.

But it pales slightly in comparison to a 6.19-carat whopper found a year ago, and it's less than a tenth the size of the biggest ever found there: a 40.23-carat gem named the Uncle Sam (that one was uncovered during a 1924 mining project; the site was converted into a state park in 1972).

Cox adds Clark also likely had a little help from recent rain, which washes dirt away, leaving diamonds to sparkle in the sun. The park's searchable 37.5-acre field is also plowed by staff to assist diamond hunters; the field is the only such site open to the public in the world, and those who find a diamond are free to do what they wish with it.

Clark says she's keeping hers, but a year ago, a teen sold a 3.85-carat diamond she found at Crater of Diamonds for $20,000. (All those Crater of Diamonds gems are puny compared to this one.)

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I have been to this park and I will go back. Try to go after a recent rain or while it is raining. They are much easier to spot. We didn't find any.

We were there for two days this past summer and it is a great little park. You get a lesson on how to spot them and then you go look over the plowed fields.

There are then washing stations where you grade out your gravel and then flip it on a table and look for the diamonds. I get the updates from the park as they find new ones.

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Grew up just West of there. Spent a lot of days looking but no finding.

Saw one 16 year old boy that was bored to death and while his family hunted he found a good shade and was leaning on his elbow and scratching in the dirt and scrated out a 6 carat.

Been many years since I was there but even back then they had a good camping area and RV hook ups.

At least one restaurant in town had home made biscuits, hash browns, sausage or ham and eggs any way you wanted them.

Right now would be a great time to go since they've had a lot of heavy rains El D.

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The parking lot next to the hunting area has car and RV parking but no overnight parking. You have to stay in the camping area and wait for the park to open. It has new buildings with a gift shop and a swimming pool.

In the town there are just a few hotels. The first night we were in the area we had to stay about 15 miles away but the last night we stayed about 5 miles from the park.

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Colorado woman finds 8.52 carat diamond in Arkansas state park


MURFREESBORO, Ark. – An 8.52 carat diamond has been found by a Colorado woman at Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds State Park at Murfreesboro.

Park officials said Friday that the gem found by Bobbie Oskarson of Longmont, Colorado, is the fifth largest diamond found since the park was established in 1972. The park does not provide an estimate of the diamond's potential value.

Park interpreter Waymon Cox said Oskarson found the gem Wednesday in the southwest corner of the 37½ acre search field and named it Esperanza Diamond for her niece's name and the Spanish word for "hope." Cox said the diamond is about three-quarters of an inch long and as big around as a standard No. 2 pencil.

The largest diamond found at the park is 16.37 carats and was discovered in 1975.

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