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Well I am still seeing the Doc about my foot due to diabetes....wound won't heal.

Now I have been resrticted on walking , just in the house , Other than that I have to use a wheelchair. Can't get the foot wet , not to put any weight on it and now I have to go back on Wed to get it put in some kind of cast and boot.....

There goes my fishing , rock hunting , prospecting......just about most of my hobbies.

The only good thing is I have lost from over 400lbs to 268lbs right now , went from 6xl shirts and pants to 2xl shirts and pants.

Hope to get out sooner or later...........

Everyone be safe oput there and keep up the posts....least I can read about some adventures.

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Your attitude is great as any lousy situation,been in 1 for 3 months myself, can have a silver lining no matter how horrendous. My Bud Bob lost his leg and for 3 years,leg after leg, and he still can't seem to find one that shoots a 12 gage like the movies??. Keep up that attitude as some times it's all we got. Your just 35 pounds away from losing a whole me,congrats -John

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John , My goal as far as weight loss is to be at 250lbs by 4th of july . Been 15 years since I was this "skinny".

All I cando is look for the good and try to keep going. When they (the docs) say I can get out and play I still want to dry wash some.

Might have to get one of Franks little yeller ones so I can handle it.

I know I will get to go play some just gonna take time.

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Thats some amazing weight loss azdigger! Keep at it, youll be back on your feet hopefully sooner than later. Losing that much, especially with limited mobility, is a testament to your strength and willpower. Best of luck to you, wishing you a speedy recovery!


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Thanks , The wound on my foot hasnot heled since August or a little before , only found out that I have diabetes in Sept .

Doing what I can , just miss going out ,hunting and meeting folks in the field.

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Today I go in and they are going to put a cast an boot on my foot to take preasure off the wound. Could be as long as 8 weeks....yuk....Right now I am not to walk on it or get it wet , not even in the shower.

All I can do is hope this works as there is still talk of taking part of the foot . That will screw things up.....

When I get to go play I am going to go out and run a dry washer since I know it might be a long time before I can swing a detector.

Will keep all posted as I know what is doing.

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Well they put the cast on...miserable d@#m thing....going to take it off on onday to check and re-bandage the wound so we will see.

Going to put another one on and keep this up for up to 8 weeks I think they said.

SURE hope it works....Did I mention this cast is miserable...lol.. heavy cast with a boot and I have to wear the "boot" anytime I walk.

Time will tell.

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