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Spanish marker, handstacks , and Gold


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Got together with Boulder dash for a few hours on Saturday for a quick hunt, and a significant hike.. The evidence was everywhere that heavy prospecting had taken place in this gully. There were handstacks literally everywhere. Even old piles where machinery had done some work. Very interesting area :inocent:

We managed a few pieces each of some very pretty gold. Judging by the work done here , I was surprised o find anything at all.....Good times BD !




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Good job Fellas! You guys are so consistent.

If I were to call you the Dynamic Duo..... Which one is Robin? LOL!

Good Gold, Good Times!

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Great job you guys, you know how to find gold without all the work. :thumbsupanim AzNuggetBob

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Oh great...you guys found my handstacking. :(
Nice gold! Nice country and the weather was nice on Sat also :)


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What's the Spanish Marker?

I haven't seen any. I've been told the Spanish cut the tops off cacti to mark the trails, but the Spanish have been out of AZ for a couple hundred of years and I don't think the cacti we see today would still be alive.

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Good hunting guys. This is probably the last good week end for that country for a while. That's unless you do some night hunting. If you do don't call me call Tom he might be nuts enough to go.

Old Tom

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