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Nice day in the hill


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Hey all:

Got out today with Dad and Dave. Went into the LSD area.

Really nice weather, nice and cool, and rain. But it was still cool! :)
Dave and I hit a couple of washes and were just cleaning up the desert.

Got back to the truck a couple of hours later, dad is sitting there and he shows us a little nug he found.

Well, we go up wash about 50 yrds from the road to where he found it and he proceeds to find another one! We used the GB2 and the 5000 and didn't find anymore.

So...go back to the truck to eat. Go back up another wash, right off the road and I get a nice zip zip with the GB2. Look down and YEHAH! a sunbaker :) Its at the end of the weed in the pic. Dave found some awesome trash to add to his collection.

Its about 3 and the sky is

looking dark again. Headed out and it starts raining pretty good.

Poor Dave is on his quad. He was dried off by the time he got home though.

All in all, it was a really fun time. Good Lord blessed us with some gold and the weather was awesome!
Tom H.

Oh, BTW....Daves 2300 was able to hear that little sunbaker. Amazed me :)



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Looks like you guys had a great time. The weather this weekend was absolutely perfect.

I guess this was the cool down I was asking for....Tom

Good Gold, Good times!

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The ride back home on the quad reminded me why I don't live in Alaska anymore! :25r30wi:

I had a great time with the Toms as always. Conditions were perfect :party-smiley-027[1]:

I just wish my gold pile grew as fast as the trash pile :black_knight_standing:

I managed to take a couple of nice pictures, but will have to post them at a later time...cant let everybody know where we are hunting :shhhhh:


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Indeed well done fellers, I am going to hit RH a bit this coming weekend while at LDMA camp working.

If you get a chance while you're out there Bill would you zip around the corner to Weaver #2 to see if they've heavy equipment dug the east side of Weaver Creek just south of Octave Rd..? Thanks..


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