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Joined an elite gang today!


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Patience and Perseverance. Low and Slow. Dig all targets. Ground balance and tune to the test nugget.

Drove out to the LSD this morning. Did some research and found some open BLM land at the end of a road. Got there at 7am and hiked over a ridge to a 'likely spot'.

Right out the gate, bullets, tacks, little bits of wire. Spent several hours trying to stay focused and methodical.

With an hour left to hunt, decided to walk back to the truck and put on the small coil.

Re-ground balance and tune to test nugget. Walked 20 feet to a little gully and started scanning the bedrock and little benches. Got a good high tone signal, and ended up being a boot tack. Fortunately I was able to spot it since I left my magnet pick back at the truck. Turned around and took ten steps and got another similar sounding target on a little bench about a foot up from the bed of the wash, under an overhanging shrub. This target was a boomer and since I didn't have my magnet and just dug up a tack, I was tempted to walk away. I kicked the rocks aside, still there. I took a scoop of dirt and now it's in the scoop. I knew it was trash at this point....

Started to divide the dirt down between my hand and scoop. Got the target in my hand and poured dirt in the scoop back on the ground. Poured the dirt from hand into the scoop and gave it a little shake and a nice puff of air to get rid of the lighter materials.

Then I saw it. Looked just like gold! But wait, it couldn't be... Boomer signal, right on the surface, and I've never found gold before....

Until now! Finally!!!

Thank you to everyone and anyone who had provided good advice and moral support.

It's going to be tough to wipe this smile off my face!



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SWEEEEET Nugget! :)

Hmmmm...up out of the wash...hmmm..
WTG man


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Luke, I'm so happy for you that you got your first one. I remember just what it was like and every one after this will be a thrill but nothing like the first one. Congratulations, you are an old hand now. :black_knight_standing::yesss:

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Great job of not giving up, perseverance does pay off!! :thumbsupanim

Old Roosevelt never looked better than he does with that golden hairpiece!! :brows:

Have you weight it yet?

It really doesn't matter what it weights, it's your first nugget and it will always be your favorite nugget, at least until you join the one ounce club!!! :4chsmu1:

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Thanks everyone, it's raining and it's a great day!

I think I'm going to keep on trying to dress-up FDR with golden adornments. Until I get one that covers the whole dime!

The first one is the best and hopefully the start to a nice collection!

Weighed in just under a gram at .98g. No complaints. I figured the first one would be 1/4 that size. I'll take it either way....

I found it with.... I could have found it with my V/sat, GMT, or even the Falcon (talk about tedious). It was right in the top 1 inch of soil and just needed someone to swing the coil over it. It was easy when it came down to it, and I'm still a bit baffled on how it went down. I'll never forget it....

I found it with my White's Sierra Pulse Pro and the Super pulse 150, five inch mono coil. Bought it from DIAMONDBACKDAVE a month ago.

Fourth time out with this detector.

Looking forward to next time!

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It was right in the top 1 inch of soil and just needed someone to swing the coil over it. It was easy when it came down to it, and I'm still a bit baffled on how it went down.

Just have to think backwards about 1000 yrs ago :)

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:head: Pop goes the cherry and you'll never be the same again . :yesss: Your other passions will wither :arrowheadsmiley: your other desires will die :D and your gold fever will rage :brows: and you'll never care why...forevermore :4chsmu1: Even after almost 60 years I'll NEVER forget that FIRST good righteous nugget along the banks of the Merced River. 100s of pounds since full time mining and the rush and fever will never die till I take that long dirtnap :Just_Cuz_06: ...and it was good--tons a au 2 u 2-John :old:

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That is a great first nugget and hopefully they get easier. My first gold with my TLST wasn't near that size and even today that would be a welcome sight. Keep it up and one day you will hit a gully that keeps giving.

Well done

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