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Interesting coin find in FL..

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While I'd much rather be beepin' for nugs, this is the reality of where I live:

As a general rule we don't find much of anything other than everyday ordinary coins along this stretch of east coast mainland Florida through Brevard County, Merrit Island and the Space Coast beaches.. Why this seems to be the case is anyone's guess considering how long ago we began interloping this portion of the continent, although I can offer up a handfull of probabilities including dearth of locations to legally metal detect and once off the beaches of which nearly every inch have been renourished in recent years if your not dealing with private property it's just downright inhospitible swamp or savannah.. My belief is there's a vast amount of both foreign and domestic 18th & 19th century purse-or-pocket coinage lost in this state that will never again see the light of day.. Last Wednesday I did make an interesting find though..

For four years or so Nora & I had been coin shooting the parking area of what is today a nearly defunct flea market located just west off US1 (a portion of the original Maine-to-S.FL Dixie Hwy.) halfway between Cocoa and Titusville.. The place was built in the early-mid '60s, up until which time this location had been farm land (corn), orange groves and who-knows-what before that.. The market boomed for a good 30 years, after which time a new owner who'd bought the property on spec let it slide into disrepair..

We've pulled over $100 out of this parking lot, every bit of it clad.. The only silver we've ever found here has been in the form of cheaper jewelry lost at their long-running Wednesday AM parking lot flea market, which is now the biggest thing happening there these days and the reason we still return every now and then to detect..

We've been completely over this lot numerous times, except for the very far NW corner (not visible in photo, along with 4 or 5 more parking rows) since it's always been used as a dumping spot for mainly cement and scrap tin / mangled iron etc.. Last week I waded into it.. Below is what I found..

Neither of us have ever seen anything like it before.. N looked it up, and in better shape it would go for about $70.. The early 1900's ones are the rarest & worth more.. Sorry about having to split the photos; the only way I could get my cheap cam to focus was through a loupe.. We both use Fisher F5's for inland coin shooting / weight re-distributed diving PIs for the beaches..


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Lived on Patrick AFB for three years. You should be down on the Beaches more. Behind Chucks Steak house was good. Don't know how you could get there any more.. Things have changed.

Here are some maps of the 1715 ship stuff. http://www.treasuresites.com/Members/ef.htm


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Thanks Ron.. Up until this the most interesting finds there had been a neat but common pachinko token and a ha' penny.. You & Mike keep those live dig vids comin', ya heah..! I'm still in awe over "The Night Of The Double Eagles".. :yesss:

Homie -- Yer right about things have changed.. Chuck's was torn down over 10 years ago after sitting abandoned for about 15 years prior to then.. But you're also correct about it being a hot spot on occasion.. The way in is via Bonsteel Park just south of where Chuck's had been.. That stretch of beach is the only unreplenished spot in the county.. The most recent multi-item finds were after the hurricanes in '04 & '05, most likely washed out of the dunes as opposed to flung onshore.. All 1/2 reales, mainly found between Bonsteel and Chuck's..


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Great find. 2-4-5 won't open as says photo not found. I'll try again with my newer unit. BUT #3 rocks and much respect for tenacity as never say die goes a long way to fantastic finds. thanx much-John :head:

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