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Keene 160 Drywasher


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I saw this machine being used on Gold Trails, the GPAA show with Kevin Hoagland. I believe it was episode 9, this last Saturday.

The people using it seemed pretty happy about it. However, it is a tv show.

I figured it would cost more, based on the internals of the machine as described on the show.

I wouldn't mind shoveling some dirt into one...

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Keene says 29 lbs and msrp of $795 for the 160. The 190 weighs in at 51 lbs...sans blower! Probably ok if you drywash right next to your truck. The one cool thing is that you can buy a conversion kit that allows you to run it as a highbanker or a dredge. Personally, IDK about the dredge part...to far to lift your slurry. You will lose a lot of suction pumping your gravel that high. I had a short conversation with a fellow forum member who drywashes...a LOT, based on that, I think a 140 is perfect for me.





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I remember back in the 80's I bought the latest and greatest fax/phone/copier/printer. It was huge and beige. The thing broke 8 ways to Sunday at least once a month. When the phreaking fone function finally gave up the ghost I discovered it was good for holding down some old siding on the back lot. Best use I ever got out of it.

The alarm clock/phone/flashlight/camera/computer/game console in your back pocket might last as long as that drywasher/highbanker/dredge - unless a new/better model comes out next week.

Some things are better off left the way they are.

Dave's got it right... Simplify

p.s. Less dust in the air translates to more dust in the machine workings on these things. Dust has to go somewhere. Aluminum moving parts don't like mineral dust. And yeah I suckered into doing the demonstration.

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"When you want to get remote.....The 140 is a great option. Try doing this, with that 160.."

In many of our cases it wouldn't matter which one (he said, speaking for himself only,)

since the only way I'm going any major distance in that wash with anything heavy on my back is via ATV.. :kap:


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When you want to get remote.....The 140 is a great option. Try doing this, with that 160


Good lord...

Way too much for me to pack in

Your an animal!!! or a pack mule :)

Tom H.

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Tom ... He has youth on his side! You and I as well as Old Tom have had our day doing that stuff or if not it has passed us on to the next generation. Adam told me he would be happy to pack the dry washer in for you to use! LOL!

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