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Hey Everyone,...

As I perused through a recent Minelab catalog that I opened up in my mail the other day,....I was mesmerized by the myriad of detectors available to the prospector of today. One in particular that caught my eye was what they referred to as the GPX5000 Pro Pack.

I soon learned that the 5000 really represented the price tag too! YeeeeeeIKES! On my wish list now for 2016.

As a Newbie,....and just out of curiosity,....do most of you experienced miners that employ detectors all agree that Minelab is the best or is this more like a Ford vs. Chevy vs. Chrysler kinda situation where it depends on who you ask?

Yes, I've seen the GPX5000 promoted and shown throughout the "Gold Fever" episodes on TV and I understand too that they are indeed a prime sponsor of that program, so one must always factor that in too. I was curious to know if other manufacturers out there have some good solid detectors in the Gold detection arena.

I also discovered this really neat looking pick used on one of the GF episodes that was referred to as a "Pelican Pick" . I tried to find one online and it only pops up on the Australian sites where obviously shipping would be outlandish to entertain.

Anyone else heard of this style of pick? It seems really smart in that you can scoop a little as you pick.



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One thing to research is the PI (Pulse Induction) vs. VLF (Very Low Frequency) detectors. The minelab you mentioned is PI and PIs are much more expensive detectors

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As for picks, I have and use the Hermit Pick...it is made in Arizona and sold by the owner of this forum...check it out.

There is no perfect detector. Although some are getting very close. The Minelab 5000 was until recently the best gold-detector made for most situations, combined with a Gold Bug almost any gold field or type of gold can be handled well. There are multi-purpose detectors that are pretty good at many things...

The choice of detector or detectors is personal and dependent on available money, the use and the location...

You can buy used equipment a fair prices but BUYER BEWARE...if you are buying new talk to Bill he is a straight shooter!


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