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Fred Mason I see you are selling the GPX5000 ...So How...

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Poor Max...he must be starving without me...

I have a lot to learn before I speak GPZ7000 fluently...however, this is what i know so far. The 7000 is for my uses nearly perfect. The settings are easy to use and make sense to me. I have found very small nuggets with it- a1.4 GRAIN or maybe less...I like the idea of one coil that can do anything I want. I love the remote module.

Yes, the machine is heavy. I have not used the Minelab vest and proswing, nor have I put the swing-arm on it. I am ising my franenstein harness that is made of bits of other harnesses. Also, I would not be without the Hiptsick!

I have to learn a lot more but...slow and low is one of the main things...it is not a weed-wacker!

a couple of pic's from Gold basin and then the Dale




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Hey Fred: Your comments are spot on. I don't use a harness at all with my 7K (and it is a bit heavy), but after adjusting to a different swing pattern, previously overlooked little nuglets are being coaxed out of the Dale by me, too. Maybe see you out there this weekend?

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Fred ... Yup Max is sure under nourished and lacks for attention! Yah! Right! The dog is so friendly he gets attention where ever he goes.

Glad to hear the 7K is working well for you. Nice meteorites from the Basin. I am using the pro-swing harness as I don't have a hip stick. I have gotten used to a new swing too but was working toward a little different one from what I have used with all my GP's or GPX's with the SDC anyway. i have to make sure I don't over reach as I have already blown out the shoulder once but I learned to stop that and keep the old are closer to the body ... works for me. One of these days we will hook up again and have a good hunt with the dueling 7K's! :)

I'm almost done with the prospecting ... one more trip to the Congress AZ area first week in May ... until I get back from NH mid July ... Striper fishing is calling my name ... so kayak, tackle, dog and me are headed for the East coast soon.

Mike F

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Nice Fred-its good to see someone besides dealers or persons with some kind of interest with minelab posting about the finds with the new deeper beeper :4chsmu1: Butttttttttttttt Im still not impressed with the amount of missed gold found in old patches :nutty: IMO- $h!+ at 10k them nuggets should be jumpin in your pockets :2mo5pow: it just shows me that the older PI's didnt miss much-you have along ways to go to pay that toy off-Good luck :tisk-tisk: Mike C... :200:

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Frankie, that was a fun day!!! I donated that one the the San Diego Gem/mineral society....

I agree, Mike C...about 9980 grains to go....

I would never suggest that the GPZ is a must have detector, I am in a position to buy an occasional toy without worry of the return. The last time I stepped into the Cutting Edge it cost me plenty in time, aggravation and money-not to metion the gold I didnot find (think goldscan5).

So, I was hesitant to step up. As far as proformance goes the GPZ finds the little ones and certainly will find the big ones. BUT, the bigs ones have to be there...

I loved my 3500 after I had Minelab Australia rebuild it...Then I got a whim to get the 5000. The 5000 is a lot better than the 3500. The GPZ is better too and different tech so it is doing things different.

However, some of the finds are certainly related to the slower and more careful technique required with the GPZ. I like the simplicity of one coil and one detector that will work for anything I want to do gold hunting. I also love the wireless module...FREEDOM!

All of that said, there is not a thing wrong with the 5000. Whoever buys mine will be getting an excellent, proven gold finding machine. If I don't sell it I will have a reliable back-up until someone wants it...

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