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Question: Wottre they doin' at Weaver #2..?

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It's been four years since I've been out that-a-way..

Google Earth finally updated to a Jan. 1, '14 arial and it looks like just south of Octave Rd (or Weaver Creek Rd., whichever is the correct name) they've trenched along the eastern bank of Weaver Creek down to their claim line, trenched E-W for a distance and also trenched another parallel and close to the N-S one hugging the embankment.. Is that what they've done..?

There are also three new heaps of material (and it looks like the old one that'd been there for years is gone) and are those test bore holes I'm seeing going across the creek bed too..?

And did they haul those big boulders out or am I just not seein' 'em lined up somewhere nearby..?



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