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You might consider getting a rock and Mineral identification guide Like Petersons or one by the National Audubon Society. They are about twenty bucks. Also a rock hardness test kit which is even cheaper. These two items are a standard for me in helping to identify rocks. First test for hardness and then look up by color and you can come up with a pretty good idea as to what you have. The book will give a picture example and a written description of the specimen. Once you get these two items you are on a better road to identifying your specimens. A streak test also helps with identification. Obviously you will get stumped now and again and then it is time to ask. Pictures do not always give a good light especially with color. I am President of Mother Lode Mineral Society and I look to more knowledgeable members when I cannot identify a specimen. I have learned a lot in identification from field trips and others.. Just for thought.

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I don't know if you continue to embarrass yourself on this forum for just attention or what your intention is ... But the answers to your inquiries are readily available all over the internet, and the finds you post seem mostly just to be leaver-rights ... Sorry to be blunt, but all your questions are like this ... If you a serious newbie prospector then you won't find a bigger welcoming group than here ...but if you're just looking for attention, go someplace else.... Cheers Unc

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I try looking stuff up its not like I dont .I have a mineral book it doesnt have any pictures of this rock here.I realize Im kind of lame and dont write well .I am earnestly trying here you think I should be embarassed ?why everyone has been really nice.

these are serious questions that I cant find the answers too .If I knew the answers I wouldnt ask:)

I appreciate the information I get from you guys and being able to ask questions here without

making me feel embarrased .Im trying I really am .

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Hello melanievoita and greetings from Tucson, AZ.

Looks like you have some quartz with pyrite or calcopyrite. Lots of that stuff here in AZ. Usually indicates a mineral deposit is nearby. Try rubbing the dull, gold colored stuff against some white quartz or unglazed, white porcelain. Black steak it's pyrite.

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