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Questions are. Is the gold test acid, Nitric acid?

Are there any non magnetic metals, that pass the acid test,

not worth money?

Does aqua regia disolve >all metals< and let them come back . out with that powder?

Do only precious metals not get affected by nitric acid?

Im sure I could look up these questions. butt they are new questions.

I really appreciate the time I can save by your answers.

(not too mention how side tracked I get)

Thank you for your help :)

Im going to tell my story you dont have to read it its optional.

P.S.Im going to go on and update where Im at with the other stuff ,

and what Im up too now.its a long story so my writing is going to

get Bad.I cant type fast and type carefully like I just was :)

anyways all these shiny heavy rocks, I got alot of ,are all a little

different from each other.they say where theres one is usually the other.

Im not finding any straight up nugs.Im concentrating on these

Bigger( heavy)ones that show signs of metal and look like the

pictures of precious metal ores on google images.

I realize the pictures arent all true ,totally realize.That is too bad

really to bad.because they are false advertising important

things.Well I had 1 of these rocks awhile back,shiny metallic

that stands up to the acid test.my friends neighbor took a sample,

too a guy at his church an ole time prospecter.

well he tested it said it was 20 percent gold,

that he would process it for me if I smashed it up .

he said he had to use aqua regia and he wanted 15%.

well the rock weighed 60 pounds.I got shot lost it,

and he died.going on his word I have now gotten more

of the stuff from the same spot ,and tried the aqua regia 1 time.

keep in mind not knowing what Im doing, I just watched a few videoes,read a little.

.The guy who knew the miner.acid tested my stuff wanted to be my 50 50 partner,

and had the acids .Well here we are at his place alot of crushed up. ore?

I told him we needed to clean it up more .he said letsjust get it started.

well I had panned the stuff a little .alot of dark mud washed off alot of micro fine gold

wanted to go with it.I saved it.He said it needs to sit there for two weeks ,come back

in two weeks.I told him I wanted to be part of the process. Se he said he would leave the gate open

I can come and go as I pleased.well we mixed the nitric and the hydrachloric.put in alot of crushed up stuff had the big reaction(yucky)it didnt last real long and was completely calm after a bit.

I told him on one video they would add more keep it going.well he wouldnt let me add more stuff.

he said he wanted togo to the store and get the cheaper muriatic acid.too come back.

I told him well lets take a little out and give me a teaspoon of the 7 $ a pond SMB see if it drops out now, might be done .he cops an attitude says no. so after arguing awhile, I was

leaving with the sample I had taken out.some partner :grr01: I told him this partner thing wasnt going to work.I mean he supposedly knows nothing of how too do it,yet is too

tell me how were doing it. would not give up no chemicals.

He wouldnt answer the door all the next day so I just

went in his backyard n got it. I added som muriatic I had ?I didnt have nitric .

it reacted awhile. I tried filtering it wich was a joke without a vacuum pump and vented earlmeyer.

I went ahead and added the smb and water.

it turned red right and it seperated I I suppose it dropped outbutt duh all that ore stuff was

@ the bottom wich I went about fltering out with a screen only leaving the stuff

that dropped out to dirty still.I didnt know the rest of the process didnt want too leave it all out,

at my friends house and go home and get on the internet so I went about trying to

get the stuff at the bottom seperated(not easy). carefully pouring of the liquid without pouring out the stuff.I finally got a sample of it dried out and it was goldy brown and powdery .the stuff in the

video was more clumpy n maroon.when I hit the stuff ,with a torch . most of it turned black,

underneath some goldish stuff that nitric acid doesnt effect was stuck on the iron thing .after all night, alot of glass things and some heating and trying to seperate the stuff and dry it out this morning.and then those results. I have another plan thats better(, I think) .it has too do

with all the magnetic rocks I haveand aqua regia, and I have pretty many .I think they are meteorites they pass all the tests from the nasa website.I guess they dont want meteorites without fusion crusts or certificates.Im going too smash them and aqua regia them maybe .

p.s.Also maybe my partner? who doent get on the internet may have

switched me out the acid seeing as how he knows all about the

process now and didnt when he told me he swears he will get my big

rock back yet when the guy told him where it was he didnt go check.

.I think my writing is getting even more confusing and Im getting even more flightier as time goes on

..I can bareley follow this myself sorry

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Yes your post is very hard to follow, but I gleaned enough from it to know that you're in over your head messing with this without knowing how dangerous it really is!

I would recommend that you stop experimenting since you really don't know what you're doing until you get someone that does knows what they're doing to teach you the correct methods and processes that you need to take to do this correctly, not to mention the correct safety precautions, you are playing with some nasty chemicals that can harm you from lack of knowledge, I have not heard you mention a fume hood or even a fan being used during any of your experimenting much less any other of the many required safety precautions that should be involved by doing what you're doing.

The following site was complied by a very experienced man (he has since past on, but the website is being kept online by his son because of the site's popularity and great info) that knew all of the processes/methods to refine precious metals, if you haven't seen this site I would recommend you check it out, but don't let his webpage get you in more over your head than you are already, PLEASE find someone that truly knows what they're doing and let them teach you the proper way to do what you are trying to do!!!


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Skip is right. You can take a partial breath of some of those acids and chemicals and burn your lungs so quickly ... and you will never be the same again.


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Sounds a little scary to me. Definitely gain some more knowledge of what you are trying to accomplish. Most of them chemicals have instant effects on the body, but you also need to remember the long term effects that will hurt you 10 or 15 years later If you don't use proper precautions. Good luck.

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Just have the darned stuff assayed and quit foolin' around with the acids until you get some PROFESIONAL training and proper equipment. There are probably a dozen REPUTABLE assayers within a couple of hours from you.

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Klunker and the others are right. From all of your posts, it is obvious that you are a "newbe" to any methods in identifying minerals and metals.

Yes, as they said, you can easily damage yourself with this "testing".

So simple to get an assay......

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I appreciate the concern ,the stuff does hurt my hands.lol .I feel fine.

I would love to go to an assayer the closest one is in tuscon Im in phoenix.

I dont have a ride .anyone want to give me a ride :)

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Have a hatchet ready to cut off any extremity that acid touches or get into a local club!.

Hell you're in GOLD CENTRAL! THere are a crap load of knowledgeable peeps w/i spitting distance.



"I would love to go to an assayer the closest one is in tuscon Im in phoenix."



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Questions are. Is the gold test acid, Nitric acid? 50 parthout pouring oe goes on

..I can bareley follow this myself sorry


WE're sorry, too.

Cliff's notes version?

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