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Ghost Town Keeper Needed.


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"Just trying to clean up the lead and garbage left in the soil from the old miners sir"......so the birds don't eat it and the ground water doesn't get polluted :)

"Just trying to be GREEN here sir" :)

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This is one of those places that I was talking about thw other day. It was a town, not BLM land at that point. So now someone had to have had bought the property on which you could build your home. So now, years later, BLM is claiming all that property back as if it was not owned by anyone. Some one legally bought those parcels. Why does BLM get to take it back? It belongs to someone, allthough, the original owners are long since past on, it still belongs to the decedants of who ever bought it. How can BLM take it all over again, when it was once a real town, and not BLM anymore. I smell a land grab here.

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Id bet its a BLM land swap, they do it all the time. that way they can turn the site into a historical site and preserve it. and give the owners a chunk of land somewere else. AzNuggetBob

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